Outpatient Care

At AdCare, we understand that you may not want, or need, to put your life on hold while taking care of your health.

That’s why AdCare established outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinics: to offer comprehensive and individualized treatment that accommodates each individual’s work and family schedules.

While programs vary by locations, all of our seven outpatient clinics offer these core treatment programs:

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation:
    The first step toward developing an individualized treatment plan, our professional staff evaluates the severity of each individual’s alcohol or drug dependency to recommend the appropriate next steps.

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs:
    Attend day/evening programs up to six days per week, or three-hour evening sessions three to five times per week. Activities consist of:

      • Individual and group counseling
      • Focused educational sessions
      • Skills groups and self-help participation

    Family involvement in treatment is strongly encouraged.

  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling:
    Available for all persons struggling with alcohol and drug dependency, and its related problems, at all stages of your recovery.
  • Group

  • For location-specific outpatient services, find the treatment center closest to you:
  • Rhode Island:

    North Kingstown


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