Inpatient Care






dr_muchowskiThe effective treatment of the disease of alcohol and drug addiction requires the delivery of care by specialized staff; the placement of the patient at the appropriate level of care; and the involvement of the patient and family throughout the treatment continuum.

Continuum of Care

AdCare’s broad continuum of care allows patients to receive a greater or lesser intensity of treatment within a single system.

Patient and Family Involved Care

Patient and family involved care increases the likelihood of successful outcomes. Our specialized staffs actively involve the patient, family and significant others in developing an individualized treatment plan throughout the continuum. AdCare offers structured counseling and support groups for families, including a Saturday Family Program for the families of patients participating in treatment, a Family and Friends Support Group, and information about twelve-step, recovery-based support groups for families such as Al-Anon/Ala-Teen.

Quality Care through Performance Improvement and Research

AdCare Hospital demonstrates its commitment to quality care through its team approach to treatment; performance improvement activities; and research that is designed to improve clinical outcomes.

AdCare Hospital and Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry have partnered to conduct several clinical research trials. Funded by the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, AdCare-Harvard research explores the role of gender and family in the treatment of individuals with alcoholism and other drug problems. For more information, click on Research at AdCare.