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Dr. Steve Valle , President

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Evidence-based Practices in Offender Treatment and Correctional Program Management

The Accountability Training Program® is a comprehensive system of program management, operational standards, and offender-curriculum compiled by Stephen K. Valle, Sc.D., M.B.A. This is the cornerstone of ACJS’s public safety model of treatment.

Working in full partnership with Criminal Justice system administrators and managers, ACJS provides a range of services that meet the specific and unique needs of the sentenced offender and that assist institutions in inmate management and recidivism reduction.

In research funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ours is the only model of correctional treatment that has been independently evaluated and proven to reduce recidivism and result in taxpayer saving (Klien and Wilson, 2003). ACJS is the only vendor in the commonwealth to achieve such a distinction.

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